let's make the world a better place
let's make personal finance not suck
let's focus on the important things
kind of company.

Something we all want.

We all just want to enjoy our lives, pursue our dreams, and treat ourselves to the things that matter most to us.

It can be stressful researching where to invest our money, planning for retirement, figuring out how to pay off student loans (while saving for a down payment), or even just setting up a savings account. Not to mention it's time consuming!

On top of all of that there are so many misconceptions and conflicting opinions about personal finance out there that it leaves us feeling paralyzed by fear and uncertainty. Not knowing who to trust, we simply shutdown and get trapped by our “one day” mindset.

"One day... I'll figure my finances out.""One day... I'll start investing in my future.""One day... I'll get out from under this debt."

We get it. We've experienced those same emotions. And that's why we decided to do something about it.

Our story.

Inspired by our shared desire for a better way, a group of friends recognized that together they had the skills to change it all. Not just for themselves, but for everyone.

We have devoted many years of our lives to bring you an app that does it all... and then some. One that transforms your dreams into actionable plans, offers unbiased financial advice, and strives to be the trusted companion you lean on as you live your best life. We take pride in helping people turn "one day" into "today".

Meet the team.

Our team doesn't just build technology for the sake of technology. We build technology with empathy. Technology that empowers our customers to live their best lives.

Scott StrongFounder & CEO
Blaine LaughlinFounder & CTO
Robert KempfFounder & VP of Front End

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